Lots of you are seeking interviews or have completed one. Interviews are great opportunities for you to share relevant information with the interviewer in hopes of getting the opportunity you seek. Now, the interview may be over, but your chance to make an impression is not. Here are 10 strategies to continue boosting your candidacy.

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  1. Show that you're still interested: leave no doubt in the interviewer's mind about where you stand. Ask for the job at meeting's end with a phrase such as, "I would really like to contribute to this company and am hoping you select me."
  2. Set the stage for further contact: nobody wants to be a pest, but could your silence as days pass be misinterpreted as indifference? Avoid the guesswork by finding out before heading home what the employer prefers in terms of checking in.
  3. Be punctual: if you tell the interviewer you'll send a list of references tomorrow morning, make sure you do it.
  4. Know when to sit tight: if an interviewer requests that you follow up by phone in a week, respect her wishes.
  5. Send a prompt thank-you note: a positive, nonintrusive way to stay on an employer's mind is to send a thank-you note.
  6. Send each interviewer a personalized, powerful follow-up letter: this piece of communication is another chance for you to shine, so don't waste space with generalities. You also can use the letter to introduce achievements that didn't get discussed and to elaborate on interview answers that you felt lacked punch.
  7. Address one of the company's needs: another effective way to follow up is to act more like a consultant than an applicant. During the interview, you learn a lot about a company's weaknesses and/or areas where the company wants to expand, consider creating a proposal on how you would address one of those areas. Doing so will demonstrate that you have the knowledge and also the enthusiasm to make a significant contribution.
  8. Keep thinking and learning about the company: be prepared for additional interviews or follow-up phone calls by continuing to research the organization and the field.
  9. Leverage outside resources: networking should never stop.
  10. Accept rejection with grace: finally, keep emotions in check and don't burn bridges if someone else gets hired.
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Maximize your career search during spring break! Check out the below ideas and connect with the Bloch Career Center for help:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Bloch Career Center
  • Identify your career path with a career coach
  • Begin/Update your cover letters with a career coach
  • Begin/Update your resume
  • Create/ Update your LinkedIn Profile
  • Explore new internship/job opportunities
  • Practice Interviewing with a career coach or through one of our online platforms
  • Practice negotiating or renegotiating a salary
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🌟 Featured Employer - GEICO

Orange EV builds, sells, and services industrial electric vehicles for some of the most successful companies in the world. Deployed fleets have demonstrated that Orange EV trucks do the same work while eliminating diesel fuel and emissions. Building both new and remanufactured vehicles, Orange EV and the T-Series have achieved a series of industry 🥇 firsts:

  • First to commercially deploy 100% electric Class 8 electric vehicles into container handling operations
  • First approved for sale as a heavy duty electric vehicle in California First approved for and funded under regional and national incentive programs
  • First to cost parity so fleets can deploy electric trucks using budgets planned for diesels
  • First with hard data from deployed fleets that demonstrate truck endurance, cost savings, and more.

Orange EV's first introduced the electric terminal truck as a complete remanufacture of existing trucks, reusing and giving a second life to durable elements like the cab and frame.

Orange EV became the first U.S. company to build, commercially deploy, and service 100% electric Class 8 Heavy Duty trucks. Orange EV's values derive from the need to build a business and products of which both we and our customers can be proud. It is important to us that what we do, and how we do it, is accomplished with thought and integrity. We strive to deliver value and earn our customers every day.

Check out open job opportunities at OrangeEV: https://orangeev.com/careers/


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