8 Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting Degrees

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Accountants are the backbone of a company. An accountant’s job mainly involves making and assessing the financial records and accounts of a company. By doing so, they’re able to help check if the business is doing well. You may already be thinking of starting a career in accounting and finance, but still need a little bit more of a push and assurance in your choice. Accounting-related degrees are an excellent choice, especially because business and finance will always be around.

Here are some more reasons you should start an accounting-related program:

1. You’ll have an enjoyable study experience

Accounting is a relatively difficult field of study. However, if you love numbers, then you’ll enjoy the challenge. You don’t necessarily need to be a math wizard to have a degree in accounting. Knowing the basics of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication is all you need, alongside good analysis skills.

You just have to discover the accounting degrees and certificates that will help advance your learning and allow you to have fun at the same time.

2. You’ll learn skills that can be applied in many areas of your life

In high school, everybody learns Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and/or Trigonometry. Unfortunately, not everyone uses these subjects in their lives, often because they don’t know how to apply them. If you’re not looking to work as an engineer or an architect, then Geometry may be of no use to you.

When you have a career in accounting, you can apply accounting principles both at work and outside of work:

You can use your knowledge on payroll management, profit and loss ratios, and other business-related concepts when you start your own business. Your accounting knowledge can help you in your home management, such as managing your budget and expenses effectively with sheets and ledgers.

3. You can take other degrees alongside accounting

It’s common for accounting majors to take another degree simultaneously, as there are many courses that are related to accounting and finance. Hence, you can have double majors like the following:

  • Major in Accounting and Business Management

  • Major in Accounting and Finance

  • Major in Accounting and Business Entrepreneurship

When you have a double degree, you’re putting more credentials on your CV and resume, which can increase your chances of employment. Aside from this, you’re also giving yourself an opportunity to broaden your horizons and work in different fields.

4. You’ll get hired immediately

Accounting is one of the jobs that have a high and fast hiring rate. It’s without a doubt that job opening rates and availability of work are some of the top considerations of students when choosing careers. Everyone wants to land a good-paying job fast.

Universities have consistently found all over the world that a majority of accounting graduates land a position within the first six months after graduation or within the first six months after passing their licensure exam.

5. You’ll always be in demand

Every business industry or sector needs an accountant. Even with technological advancements, the skills of an accountant will still be a requirement in the office. There have been significant technological upgrades in the field, such as moving from written to digital ledgers and using more advanced applications and software to help make work faster.

These tasks, however, still need the analytical brain and expertise of an accountant. An accountant is one of the key employees that determine and ensure that the company is earning profits.

The most common misconception about finishing an accounting degree is that you’ll only end up making financial statements and filling up the ledgers of the company you work for. This is far from your only option.

There are many other positions you can move into with an accounting degree other than simply bookkeeping. You could also choose to be a:

  • Finance Manager

  • Financial and Investment Advisor

  • Business Analyst

  • And many more

6. You’ll have international opportunities 

One of the great things about accounting is that you can get exposure to a wide array of international opportunities. If you plan on working abroad, you can easily get a job overseas with an accounting degree. Most of the accounting principles and techniques apply across international borders, save for some specifics of law that may apply to each country.

Hence, you may only need to take a couple additional classes to study the fundamental accounting laws of the state or country you wish to migrate to and take an exam.

7. You’ll have good recommendations for career advancements

A degree in accounting can open up opportunities for you to volunteer in big organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO). These international organizations are constantly in the need for more accountants or economics experts to help them in their daily auditing.

Take note, though, that these organizations may not be able to give you a high income. However, your volunteer experience in these international companies can be valuable beyond a salary. You’ll enhance your skills and knowledge immensely. Working for these organizations can also connect you to various influential people and companies – the big names in the industry.

These connections can greatly benefit you should you start to pursue accounting as a livelihood, expand your career, or get into excellent schools to get a master’s degree, especially if you showed outstanding work performance even as a volunteer.

8. An accounting degree can be stepping-stone for other degrees 

You can also use your accounting degree as a stepping-stone toward further studies, such as law. You may find that some subjects in law school are already taken up in your accounting degree or are only a review of what you have previously learned.

It has also been shown that certified public accountants (CPAs) have higher chances of passing the law bar exams. Hence, becoming a corporate lawyer can be made easier if you have an accounting background.


Accounting has consistently topped the list of best degrees to take in college. Because of the eternal existence of business and trade, it’s close to impossible that the world will ever be without any form of accounting or finance. These reasons mentioned above are proof that accounting will always be one of the best degree options. Accounting does go beyond just dealing with numbers.

By Ishmael Rodriguez
Ishmael Rodriguez Student Career Coordinator