Celebrating Top-Ranked Firms for Diversity: BCG and Schellman

Celebrating Top-Ranked Firms for Diversity: BCG and Schellman was originally published on Vault.

In honor of the final days of Pride Month, we’re highlighting two of our top-ranked employers for diversity and inclusion: leading consulting firm BCG and leading accounting firm Schellman.

These two employers are exemplary in the areas of recruiting, mentoring, supporting, and advancing individuals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and gender identities. They both rank at the top of their respective industries for diversity, and are among the best companies to work for in any industry if you’re searching for welcoming, open, equitable, progressive, truly inclusive workplace cultures.

Below, in the words of team members of BCG and Schellman, you’ll discover what makes these two employers among the best for diversity and inclusion.


In our latest Consulting Rankings, BCG ranked No. 3 for Diversity. In the following video, you’ll meet and hear from Tina Gao, a BCG managing director and partner based in Washington, D.C. Tina is a member of both the firm’s Women at BCG Network and Asian Diversity Network, which she co-leads. Tina speaks to the evolution of both networks over the years. She highlights Women at BCG’s initiatives in recruiting, advancement, mentorship, training, skills development, and networking. She also discusses the various initiatives of the 1,500-member-strong Asian Diversity Network, touching on how the network raises awareness on hate crimes against Asians, celebrates the Asian community during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and advocates for the advancement of Asian colleagues. These two groups and many others like them at BCG help make the consulting firm a place where all professionals can feel free to bring their authentic selves and explore their commonalities and differences.



In our latest Accounting Rankings, Schellman ranked No. 1 in Overall Diversity, Diversity for Women, Racial & Ethnic Diversity, and LGBTQ+ Diversity. In the following video, you’ll meet and hear from Andrew Frampton, a senior associate with Schellman who’s a member of the firm’s Pride affinity team. Andrew speaks about Schellman’s welcoming culture and grassroots employee-led push for diversity and inclusion. He touches on the policies and procedures that the firm has undertaken to cultivate equity and inclusion. These include the removal of most gendered language from official documents, adding gender pronoun options into HR processes, providing equal benefits for same-sex partners and transgender employees, educational outreach in the form of webinars and newsletters, and inclusive social events like Bingo Night.