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Career exploration is the process of discovering and investigating various career paths to determine the most suitable fit for one’s skills, interests, and values. It involves self-assessment, research into different industries and occupations, and gaining hands-on experience through internships or informational interviews. Effective career exploration enables individuals to make informed decisions about their professional futures and embark on fulfilling career journeys.

Explore your Interests, Values, Personality, and Skills

You know you want to study business and Focus 2 is a powerful tool to help suggest the best career paths for you. Explore your Work Interests, Values, Personality, Skills and Leisure interests with some quick and easy questions. Then, Focus2 will combine as many or as few of those as you’d like to come up with top-rated career suggestions.

What can you do with your business major?

Looking for information about how a major connects to common career paths? Check out the ‘What Can I Do With This Major?’ tool. This is a website featuring 100 major profiles with information on common career paths, types of employers that tend to hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities.

Conduct your own research

Vault provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work in an industry, company or profession—and how to position yourself to land that job.


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Experiences - Powered by Forage

Complete short, 5-6 hour, experiences that replicate work at the top Fortune 500 companies, learning career skills and using relevant tools necessary to complete tasks. These experiences are 100% free, open-access, self-paced, with NO experience or applications required!

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