Tess Surprenant

Director, Bloch Career Center


B.S. Technical Communications, M.S. Management of Technology, University of Minnesota.

Professional background:

Marketing and business development in variety of industries including high-tech, medical products, consumer products, and higher education. 10+ years’ experience in career development strategy and training, and leadership and professional development training.

About Tess:

I am a Minnesota native and moved to Kansas City in 2012. There is so much that I love about Kansas City: BBQ, craft beer, mild winters (relative to Minneapolis), and walking distance to campus, the Plaza, Brookside, and the Peanut. This is an exciting time for Kansas City, full of energy, change, growth, and creativity, and it is fun to be a part of that.

First job:

My parents started a consulting engineering firm when I was 11 years old and it really was a family business.  My first job was running blue prints (back when they really were BLUE prints) of plans and spec books. The printer hung on the wall but I was too short to reach it so my dad had to build a platform for me to stand on, but nonetheless my arms and shoulders would get sore from continually reaching up to insert and remove the large sheets of paper. I loved that job because I loved the opportunity to work with my parents and be a part of what they did for a living.

Her advice to students?

Connect with the career center early to understand hiring timelines for internships and career positions.  There are so many more opportunities available to you if you start the preparation and process in your first or second year as opposed to waiting until your final year.

Specialties and Interests

Contact Tess to develop initiatives and programs to connect employers and Bloch students, schedule specialized career coaching appointments or learn more about what our students and alumni are working on.